Smart Technology for a Traditional Cuisine

Started by Penny Street & Christine Sharma , both Directors, Vesta India has the sole distributorship of Thermomix in India.

An entrepreneur and able business woman, Penny Street has been an active user of Thermomix for the last three years and feels that it is the best possible appliance for Indian cuisine. "The Thermomix will give people a chance to experiment and maybe even bring back long ignored recipes from their mother's or even grandmother's kitchens! Processing speed and healthy cooking is the perfect solution for families leading a fast paced life today. I am so excited to bring the Thermomix to India", she said.

Christine Sharma has had a long association with the hotel management and marketing. Says Christine " The Thermomix is my best friend in the kitchen. I don't know how I got along without it for so long. I love the speed, consistency and hassle free healthy cooking, all bundled up into one small wizard of a machine. It's perfect for young couples who enjoy eating different types of cuisines - in fact I think it should be a part of every Indian
bride's trousseau."

Christine & Penny, together with Chef Shamim Ahmed (who worked with the Australian High Commission as Head of Mission's Kitchen for 24 years) put together a Thermomix Recipe Book for Indian Cooking. Shamim instinctive capacity for adaptation means that he is able to produce an Indian recipe from almost any province. Says the Chef "You can make Kali Dal or Tandoori Pomfret or a Rissoto or Egg-free Mayonnaise or even Gajar Ka Halwa with
this machine".

Thermomix reflects the new emerging India - a happy blend of technology & tradition - Indian food cooked in the fastest and healthiest way !
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